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what much of america wants to know... >> i want to find out what your feelings are, and did you learn anything? >> i think the ad really polarizes people. i think that if you hate tiger, you're going to hate him even more. if you like him and you want him to have a comeback, you think it's kind of great. >> reporter: in the wind and rain at augusta, woods showed no serious rust from his five-month layoff. he quickly birdied the third hole, ending three under par after nine holes. showcasing why he's dom naiptd the pro tour for more than a decade, winning 71 times, including 14 majors help his unequal star power pushing official prize money to $277 million last year, up 300% from when woods first turned pro in 1996. >> in the last 12 years, he's done racialgable things for this game of golf. and everybody benefitted. >> reporter: until it all came crashing down, forcing the once tightly-wound woods to talk openly of deceit. >> i lied to a lot of people. >> reporter: and discovery. >> it's not about championships. it's about how you live your life. >> reporter: today, woods took a solid
, the u.s. is under attack by an army of computer hackers. so where does america stand on cyber-security? >> rodriquez: it's scary when you think about it-- how much we depend on computers and the internet, especially considering the system's never been more vulnerable. in a recent survey, three quarters of business and organizations claim they experienced a cyber-attack last year. this week, it was reported that hackers have been able to steal critical information from google, so what's being done to stop this? terry mccarthy continues our series "cbs reports: where america stands." >> reporter: cyber-space-- it enables, e-mail, electricity grids, international banking and military superiority. we can't live without it. but increasingly, experts say the openness of cyber-space is putting the u.s. in jeopardy. >> we can say that sovereignty is at risk. >> reporter: sami saydjari heads the cyber-defense agency, an information security company. >> basically, our whole superpower status in the united states depends on computers. we lose them, we lose our status as a superpower an
of money. this is what america is all about. >> reporter: school leaders say what they're looking forward to most is this new medication garden. by the end of the day it'll be filled with plants and flowers. community members say they're appreciative of this work knowing these people are serving only for the benefit of others. >> thank you. thank you for coming out and helping. >> reporter: eyewitness news. >> and across the country, comcast day volunteers completed more than 500 community hour services. >>> coming up an wjz's eyewitness news, more mine major just after the explosion killed 29 minorrers in west virginia. another accident miles away. and rock star brett michaels in critical condition. plus a man strikes it rich when a chain machine malfunctions. what did he do with the money? and : >> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. this is the beginning of the storm. we'll have the complete forecast when eyewitness news returns. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> weeks after a west virginia coal mining accident explosion kills dozens, another mine accident leaves one worker dead. this time 28-year-
in the drive in theater. you have the biggest screen in north america? >>> well, i say usa, but technically, north america. it's 52 x 120. >> how many drive ins are left in maryland and in the country. >> well, in maryland, there's one. >> that's the country, that's the benjies and in the country, it seems for the last five or six years to be around 600 sites. >> and ken adam. how many drive ins are left. >> last count, 381 and 628 screens. >> okay. >> let's talk about you're being on facebook. how do we get the word out. >> we're on facebook/benjies and we're approaching 10,000 fans. that's a big am and we're giving away cool prizes. >> well, very good. we want to talk to shawn. we'll get on the other side. how are you. >> i'm fine. you put our name in lights, thank you. how long did it take you? >> well, getting the letters, about an hour each side of the board. >> well, when you first did this. how long did it take you? >>> well, at least two hours each time, closer to four hours. >> i heard you developed an affinity with it. you carry more letters and getting everything down. well, we t
time. america runs on dunkin'. get swept up with the big chocolate taste of mocha iced coffee from dunkin' donuts. it's just another one of our delicious, refreshing iced coffee flavors -- grab one today! america runs on dunkin'. >>> hundreds of military trucks and relief convoys rolled through the streets in china where survivors are desperate for food and shelter. the president said they will not give up on the rescue efforts. he visited survivors. the quake on wednesday killed more than 1700 people and injured more than 12,000. in the u.s. residents in san francisco came together today to remember the biggest disaster in the city's history. 104 years since the 1906 earth a quake. it hit and killed more than 3000 people and put the city up in flames. one of the last remaining earthquake survivors who was only 3-month-old at the time recalls living through the aftermath. >> it destroyed the whole city. it wiped it out. they had to start all over again. >> chilling thing to be able to put your mind in that moment in time. >> another survivor who just died on thursday at the age of
the s.e.c. fraud charges. where america stands on autism. with more new cases, new technology now that could help early detection and treatment. >> we hold on to hope because that's what gets us through. >> glor: and preserving the past-- the campaign to save aging tow boats that built the american heartland. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: and good evening. the volcanoic dust cloud that has already grounded so many air passengers today also affected presidential plans. the white house said president obama will have to cancel his trip to poland for the funeral of its president. ash and dust from that volcano in iceland today spread deeper into eastern europe. airports are closed across most of the continent. 17,000 flights have been canceled. mark phillips beginnings our coverage tonight at london's heathrow airport. mark, good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening, jeff. three days into this disruption, things are only getting worse. unless the weather patterns change or unless this volcano itself subsides, the prospects for the future look grim. the
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. multitasking runs on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. with our new freshly baked bagel twists, available in cinnamon raisin and cheddar cheese. pair it with america's favorite coffee today. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in today and try our new cheddar cheese and cinnamon raisin bagel twists. >>> it is 56 degrees and clear in central maryland this evening. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. we have a quick correction on that oil rig explosion. the coast guard is now retracting a statement made earlier. that two explosions happened on the rig. they say a computer problem dave the impression there were two -- gave the impression there were two explosions. but we are now just learning there was actually one explosion. >>> bryan betts was found shot to death in his silver springs home last thursday. police are looking more information about a vehicle being seen leaving the alley. betts suv was stolen that night and later recovered in southeast washington. >>> a mother in charles county is outraged after her autistic son was left on a school bus for two hours. delonte likely f
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with in one minute with some analysis. somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. >> schieffer: we are back now with brand new pulitzer prize winner kathleen parker. now that you're a regular on "face the nation" so we can now say that face the nation has won a pulitzer. >> i owe it all to you, bob. >> schieffer: we will be the first broadcast outlet to win since broadcasters are not eligible. i'm just teasing. congratulations, a well deserved honor. >> thank you. >> schieffer: you're a conservative columnist by nature. yet you were one of the first to sort of talk about sarah palin. you write this morning about some of the rhetoric that's coming out from the right side. >> right, right. >> schieffer: especially from the t
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, jpmorgan chase and bank of america, temporarily lowered their debt just before reporting it to the public presumably in an effort to help their stock price. >>> apple's upgrade for the iphone and ipad will be available this summer. the new program will allow users to run more than one program at a time. the company did not confirm any plans to make the iphone available through verizon or other mobile carriers. >>> and competition is gearing up following ipad's launch. hewlett-packard is showing off its yet to be released tablet computer called the slate. the company says it has what the ipad doesn't, a camera, the ability to play flash video, and a usb port. >>> and we finally made it. today is tax freedom day, the day when most americans have worked long enough to pay their taxes for the year. it comes a day later than last year, but two weeks earlier than in 2007. so, michelle, congratulations to us both. it's a friday and it's tax freedom day. >> it is friday. the weekend's here. all right, ashley morrison here in new york. thanks. >>> and you'll also be happy to learn this morning tha
around an spreading potentially could become america's worth environmental disaster in decades. >> we have over 100,000 feet of boom and they're working nonstop, protecting all the areas that we can get to that are yeek logically and economically sensitive. >> reporter: british petroleum has mobilized more than 1100 worker, 76 vessels and 400,000 feet of boom trying to protect miles of fragile shore line. eight days after the deep water who are rye zn oil rig went down, this disaster is far worse than first believed. coast guard officials now estimate as many 5/,000 barrels of oil pour into the gulf every day. that's five times higher than earlier estimates. they've already identified a third leak, 5,000 feet under water, in an oil pipeline called a riser. it could take 90 days to plug the leak. and by then, as many as 19 million gases could have leaked into the gulf. like so many people look the gulf coast, sport fisherman steve kennedy is worried. >> it's a matter of how many boats they got out there skimming. there'sing for to be some come ashore. >> reporter: with a disaster this
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, to african-american people who suffer a 16.5 jobless rate versus the rest of america at 9.7. he's in a tough position he has to recognize he's governing all of america has to give in and make concessions to conserve basis and head toward the middle as he's done after winning a perceived left victory though the left is laughing and guffawing but he got the health care through and now talk about drilling on shores from the tip of delaware down, you know, pass 167 miles. the reality is he's trying to balance it out. he doesn't want to give to the tea party but he sees legitimate points and anger and has to govern according to a vision for which he was called to office which is to say reform health care and student loans and he had a heck of a week when you look at it in real terms. the guy had a great week and suffering polle polls declining it's a give and take and some of us leaning to the left wish he might make more grand overtures but he's trying to govern through the middle. >> schieffer: david sanger, the president made a surprise trip to afghanistan and seen with the president karzai an
the united states of america to gold over in beijing. he will be america's coach in london in 2012. so much wanted to come back to give this duke program another moment like this. he often talked in the tournament when we were around him about how it felt different for him. a different perspesketive. now a grandfather of seven. this is an amazing night here in indianapolis. once again, duke and coach k are the gold standard of college basketball. nationwide insurance, talk to me. for once i'd just like to see my insurance bill get smaller. jen will switch to nationwide insurance if you create something that auto-magically scans her policy to find discounts she earns as her life changes. and you have five seconds. this could save me money, right ? oh yeah ! you can't do anything in five seconds. this is great. oh ! here we go ! rednif tnuocsid. love it ! discount finder. even better ! oh thanks. that's great. yeah. jim: it is hayward getting around zoubek. at midcourt launches the shot. it almost went in! almost went in! and duke is the king of the dance 2010. greg g.: welcome back to indian
provides 35% of the world's supply of coal and roughly half the electricity used in america is generated by coal. that takes nearly four tons of coal a year for every man, woman and child. at the heart of the coal industry are nearly 50,000 people who work in active underground mines. what we know for sure about that is that the pay is good but the families of these miners and the miners themselves know that these jobs come with significant risks. here's national correspondent jim axelrod. >> reporter: the families who depend on the upper big branch coal mine are trying to gather their strength in the face of this disaster. >> i'm worn out. just still so sad. >> reporter: benny willingham would have been 63 years old in five weeks. he planned to retire on his birthday after 30 years in the mines and take his wife on a cruise. instead his family will now bury him. >> we lost a great man. my uncle was a great man and... >> reporter: it's a risk they've been taking for generations. the average coal miner here makes $73,000, more than double the wage of other industries in west virginia. >>
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morning america today. it was one man named james king who came across nadia after she was alone for days. >> finally mr. king found me. and that was the greatest things that ever happened to me. the scariest thing i saw, is when it became night and i was afraid they would never find me. like i didn't see anything scary, but i felt scared. >> absolutely, you can understand that. nadia was hungry and dehydrated but was found to be okay when she buzz was taken to the hospital. >> nadia says the next time she goes out exploring, she will tell her parents first. >>> and there's a feline virus going around. it can spread among cats for 30 days or more. the shelter is immediately vaccinating any cats that that are brought to it. but the society is asking for anyone who finds stray cats to hold on to them before bringing them in. >>> mortgage fraud in maryland was the sixth worse in the nation last year. the state has 36% more reported fraud than the national average. inflated appraisal was among the problems. florida was second followed by new york. the study comes from the mortgage research i
's approaching delicate areas and the oil slick could be america's worst environmental disaster in decades. >>> and in supports, another tough loss for the orioles at the hand of the yankees. rodriguez picks up the markakis grounder and throes him out and canoe hits a home run and now,the orioles will welcome the red sox for a three game series and this weekend, it will be masn on wjz. that's here on wjz. now, one of the cooler sports stories of the day. the spur's guard, tony parker had a lot on his mind last night. >> freethrow! going to buy me a new car. >> that was the head coach telling if they missed, they would have to buy him a car and sure enough, parker missed his shot. there's no word on when and if he'll pay up. the spurs went on to win the game. >>> and we wanted to mention this again if i say so myself, this is the weekend of the kentucky derby, there's the website. tomorrow's the first saturday in may and it's the kentucky derby. this year, it sets the stage for the preakness stakes and i'll tell you why. lee ann rimes. >> where's her hat. >> well, i was mentioning, normally
for russia to have taken. >> reporter: but, says sig hecker, a former director of america's own secret nuclear city at los alamos, stopping production still leaves russia with 150 tons of plutonium. >> they have so much material that the concern of russian nuclear materials getting out of the proper facilities and out of the proper hands remains very high on my own agenda. >> reporter: hecker visited russia's secret cities in the chaotic years after the fall of the soviet union. >> when i saw their practice of how they did the protection, the control, and the accounting of the nuclear material, i was terribly concerned. >> reporter: hecker says the controls have gotten better. but krasnoyarsk 26 was the last of 13 reactors that once turned up weapons-grade plutonium for the soviet union. the nightmare scenario of a terrorist group like al qaeda getting its hands on a ten-pound chunk and turning it into a weapon still remains. >> i would say that's a very difficult process, but not one that's impossible for a terrorist group. >> reporter: think they industrial a stockpile of nearly 100
street wreaking havoc all across main street, all across america. >> reporter: the democratic national committee joined the fray with a hard-hitting ad targeting key republicans. >> republicans stood by as wall street ran wild. >> reporter: next, senate democrats turned up the heat, threatening to keep the senate in session all night. >> we're going to stay here and do this work. wall street reform is that important. so we're going to stay here. >> reporter: finally, republicans agreed to stop their filibuster, ending three days of unanimous opposition to debating the bill. >> i will now vote to proceed to the financial reform bill. >> reporter: the president praised the breakthrough late today at a stop in southern illinois. >> i'm very pleased that after a few days of delay it appears an agreement may be in hand to allow this debate to move forward on the senate floor on this critical issue. (cheers and applause) >> reporter: now, tomorrow the debate begins and it will be a contentious one. republicans say the bill as it now stands encourages future bailout. democrats disagree and sa
breathing. (announcer) get your first full prescription free and save on refills. >> smith: america's baby doctors are out tonight with a not-so-surprising report: breast-feeding saves lives and money. if 90% of mothers breast-fed for six months, researchers estimate it could save nearly 900 infants and $13 billion a year. here from our medical team is dr. jennifer ashton. jennifer, we have long heard about the benefits of breast-feeding newborns. why is breast-feeding best? >> reporter: well, for the first time, harry, we're finding out not only why but for how long. we've known for a while it's important to boost the immune system of babies, but this was the first study to show that babies who were exclusively breast-fed for a period of six months had a reduction in their risk or incidents of several diseases. including stomach or intestinal issues, sudden infant death syndrome, childhood leukemia or childhood asthma, type one diabetes and even childhood obesity. big thing. >> smith: a lot of woman start out trying to breast-feed but can't why do they have such a problem? >> reporter: th
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. america's pastime indeed. now today's weather. it will be cool and rainy in the northeast. sunny and warm out west. and in the south. things will switch in the week ahead with wet weather arriving in the west and southeast. ahead, cookies that are positively habit forming. >> hallelujah, we're going to see the cookies. >> osgood: but first listening for signs of,, >> stay away from that guy. he's grouchy. >> osgood: that scene from the 1997 movie "men in black" makes light of a cosmic question. are we alone in the universe? our cover story is reported now by don teague. >> reporter: are we alone? it's a question we humans have been asking ourselves since we first gazed upward to the heavens. consider the constellations of the ancient greeks, the theories of copernicus. and, of course, the movies. maybe it's because of all those hollywood movies that the serious scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence is a reasonably young venture. in fact it only turned 50 this past week. it all began here in green bank, west virginia, in 1960. >> that was a time when astronomy had become very
. they're not alone. under constant attack, corporate america is losing critical data to overseas competitors robbing the u.s. economy of up to $20 billion a year. most worrisome is the risk to the u.s. power grid, a 6 million mile web of electrical distribution lines powering up nearly 145 million homes and businesses. all controlled by computer commands and open to cyber attack. this american hacker known as mudge knows firsthand how vulnerable these systems are. ten years ago, he bored in to regional telecom and utility networks. within a week, he'd worked out how to take most of them down. >> it was terrifying. it was absolutely terrifying. that was my epiphany was if i figured it out, other people figured it out, also. >> reporter: the government is quietly hiring hackers to learn their secrets. last month, mudge began working for the secretive research arm of the department of defense. however, the u.s. is playing catchup. countries like china and russia are dedicated considerable resources to the cyber battlefront while the u.s. has been slow to react. >> so establish the p
been disagreements among democrats, the obama administration and republicans over just how america's financial system should be reformed. the sweeping financial reform bill is just hours away from its biggest test yet. >> 18 months ago, people broke into our home, stole everything in our house, and we haven't even changed the locks on the place yet. >> reporter: this afternoon, the senate will vote on whether to begin debate on the measure aimed at reigning in wall street and preventing another economic meltdown. democrats need the support of at least one republican to move ahead, but that may be tough. >> it's my expectation that we will not go forward with this partisan bill. >> reporter: the gop is holding out for big changes including dropping a multibillion dollar bailout fund financed by large banks. conservatives also think a new consumer protection agency would create too much bureaucracy. hoping to lock in at least a couple of republican votes, senate democrats agreed to tighten the rules on derivatives. the complex securities are widely blamed for triggering the financial
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travels to the kennedy space center today to officially unveil his new plans for america's manned space program. the plan already has its share of critics, including some of this country's most famous astronauts. tara mergener is in washington with details. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. well, president obama will be the first sitting president in 12 years to visit the kennedy space center, but the message he brings will no doubt be a tough sell. >> liftoff. >> reporter: the u.s. space program is about to embark on a brand new journey. >> it's an abrupt departure from the way they've done things in the past. >> reporter: today at the kennedy space center, the president will announce plans to speed up the development of a new heavy lift rocketship, extend the space station's life by five years, and send man to mars. but he'll also pull the plug on a project to return to the moon. gone, too, is the space shuttle program which the bush administration had ordered into retirement. instead, the obama administration wants to rely on private companies to fly into space. nasa wou
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are still looking for him. >>> the boy scouts of america have been found negligent for not protecting a boy from sexual molestation. a judge in oregon read the jury verdict that found the scouts failed to prevent repeated sexual abuse by a scout master decades ago. the plaintiff hugged relatives after the verdict, which awarded him $1.4 million. the scouts could face up to $25 million in punitive damages to be decided in a separate phase of the trial. >>> a search will resume this morning in florida for haleigh cummins. the 5-year-old girl disappeared from her family's trailer more than a year ago. family members met with the sheriff yesterday as investigators searched the st. john's river until dark. the sheriff won't say what he told the family, and would not say if the case is now a homicide investigation. >>> another missing florida girl was found alive. nadia bloom, who has an autism-related disorder, had been missing since last friday. she was rescued from a swamp about a half mile from her home. whit johnson reports. >> reporter: after four tense days of searching, 11-year-old nadia
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on people in america is not good news. sandra hughes has the shocking results of a new government survey. >> reporter: stop someone on any street in america and chances are you'll find a chronic health problem. >> a little high on the cholesterol. >> i have high cholesterol, yes. >> reporter: this man has high blood pressure. >> i'm hoping i can get off this medication. >> reporter: they have plenty of company. the centers for disease control has startling new data about the state of our health. 45% of americans, almost half the entire adult population, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. conditions that are killing us. >> each one of these conditions is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the u.s. >> reporter: even more frightening, the study finds 13% of americans have two of the conditions. and 3% are struggling with all three. the cause? science points to americans' growing waistline. we're eating too much and exercising too little. the latest statistics show that one-third of americans are obese. >> you eat a l
.org. >>> the family tree is the maryland chapter of parents anonymous and prevent child abuse america. >>> in the wake of the west virginia mine explosion, president obama promises sweeping safety reviews. 29 men were killed in the country's worst mining accident in 40 years. that has prompted the launch of a federal review of mines with troubling safety records. the president said mine owners will be held accountable for failing to make prevent tive -- preventative safety measures. >>> steelers say they will discipline their quarterback, ben roethlisberger. roethlisberger was not charged in the case of sexually assaulting a 21-year-old in georgia. the star quarterback recently met with commissioner roger goodell concerning that incident. a final decision is expected after next week's college draft. >>> we continue to follow breaking news out of jessop county. let's go back to captain mike perry for an update. mike? >> reporter: hello, kai. things still hopping here along northbound 95. in jessop, howard county. as a box truck has overturned. it's been about 40 minutes now since the initial accident o
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. it's all tonight on america's number one network. in the end, i guess we're not surprised there was a playoff considering at one time yesterday 10 players either led or had a share of the lead at one time. it had been all weekend so tightly packed, that leaderboard. nick: for the last six holes, it all changed, didn't it? a lot of guys fell over at 14 and 15, and then it ended upcoming down to furyk and davis. jim: give anyone the advantage here? nick: well, not really. i think brian davis -- i would have thought he would sense just a great opportunity for a first-time win, to get that two-year exemption on tour. he's moved from britain to orlando, made that his home now. and, you know, the wind is fantastic. that two-year exemption, that can really take the pressure off somebody. >> check your golf balls. good luck to you. >> thanks. >> you bet. jim: slugger white presided over that drawing. slugger's brother-in-law ken green will be in the field next week. ken green, of course, after that horrific accident last year. will be coming back playing next week with mike reid.
. today opponents turned on a little star power, mexican america singer linda ronstadt speaking out. >> the dirty little secret is i'm probably not the one that would be pulled over because i'm light skinned. >> reporter: she endorsed the first of what's likely to be a flurry of opposition lawsuits. >> we will be devoting our collective resources to stopping this bill from taking effect. >> reporter: the controversial law requires police in arizona to demand proof of citizenship of anyone they suspect is in the u.s. illegally. it takes effect some summer, but many citizens say it's having a chilling effect already. listen as we talk to this immigrant rights worker. >> why don't you go back to mexico it's so great, man. >> that's what this law is causing. it's causing the division and bringing out the worst, the worst in people. >> reporter: citing crime rates and the cost of social services, the mayor of costa mesa, california, and legislators in ohio and texas, say they're pushing for arizon arizona-style immigration laws. >> the citizens are sick and tired of political correctness
. a look at that initial cloud of cash shows wind currents are moving it toward north america but it's not expected to have a noticeable impact here. mark phillips has the latest from london's heathrow airport. >> reporter: the volcano which at its peak was pumping 500 tons of ash into the atmosphere every second has changed. for a while today, it was putting out a lower column of debris, one where the ash drops closer to home, giving parts of iceland and apocalyptic look. but for air travel, ash here is good, because it isn't here over europe and the north atlantic. new predictions show the ash cloud receding tonight and into tomorrow so that air corridors can be gradually opened. authorities will designate three zones-- an open zone where flights will be allowed, a caution zone where some plans can fly at designated altitudes and an off-limits or no-fly zone. but the plan only works if the volcano cooperates. >> there's a likelihood that we have finished with the worst of the explosive eruption with the high column but we can't guarantee. >> reporter: no guarantees, but for tens of
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morning, maggie. this is just maybe one of the saddest places in america this morning. there was so much hope yesterday afternoon and as the evening hours turned in to early morning hours, we are faced with a disaster of significant proportions. >> i know, harry. 25 people dead, four still missing. it's unlikely, but it is possible that they made their way to air tight containers where they could stay alive for days. it's not likely, but, ha we hav seen it happen before and that's everybody's hope this morning. >> yeah, we'll have a little more information about that later as they have started to already drill holes to get down into that mine shaft to get air in there to make it safe enough for rescuers to get there. but this is a very interesting story, maggie, and one we have heard so many times before, this big branch mine is owned by a major conglomerate, a company called massey energy company, a company that has been cited numerous times for both safety and environmental violations. in fact, just last year, it was cited and fined by the government for its failure to properly ventila
're hearing here that the ash may be making its way to north america. >> reporter: that's exactly what we're hearing. departure flights on all airlines have been canceled. we're told it this is a recautionary measure because that volcanic ash from ice land is moving westward towards new in-fand here and we're told by airport officials that that volcanic ash, there's a 30% chance it will make it here by later on this afternoon and already inside there are a hoft passengers scrambling. some are being told they man iable to leave this afternoon, 2000 many it's canceled. even last night, it was the canadian music awards here, a big night. a-list start stars here. they were all scrambling to get the last flights out.start star. they were all scrambling to get the last flights out. >> is the air space officially closeded? >> reporter: right now it is a precautionary measure. everybody is tracking the volcanic ash and at h this point the airlines did this measure as a precautionary measure and they're taking it hour by hour. we are told that later on this afternoon if the ash does move into our
sooner, and a more am big issues and sustainable space program for america's future. >> reporter: but bill harwood says without a specific goal like mars or the moon, the obama program would be too easy for a future congress to cancel. >> it is a step back for manned space flight as we've known it. it's a major change for nasa. >> reporter: many old nasa hands are upset that what they've built over the years will now be lost. but the white house has another famous astronaut in its corner. buzz aldrin. aldrin released a statement saying the simple truth is, we've already been to the moon. and he says what this nation needs is a near term focus on developing key cutting edge technologies that will take us further and faster. betty? >> interesting. cbs' bill plante at the white house. thank you. >>> people all over the midwest saw a visit tore from outer space last night. it was a bright meteor that exploded in a fireball takes it fell. and all of it caught on video by an iowa sheriff's deputy. luckily no damage was reported. >>> daef price is here with a first check of the west. th
. they're the future of america, so let's bring them up right and give them our cheese. ♪ kraft singles. the american cheese. >>> hello, it's 7:25 and kristy breslin is in for photographic and marty's in for weather. >>> here's the first warning doppler weather radar. woe're seeing the moisture out of the mid-atlantic and it's all good to be honest about it. big cold front now. and the forecast of the day, calling for a high temperature of around 60 as opposed to the 90 in the past few days of this week. let's send it over to kristy breslin. good morning. there >>> we, it looks like the rush is in full swing. if you're traveling object westside of the beltway, we have a crash at 70 on the right shoulder and that has the delay back to liberty road. as far as the northside outer lupe, that's slow from harford to providence and as you can see, 25 miles per hour average. harrisburg expressway, delays southbound from timonium to the beltway and southside, still struggling and that's a 10 minutes drive time. we have an accident involving a struck pedestrian at hopkins place. and 83,the beltwa
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